Kindle Accessories – The Ones You Need to Have

The kind of accessories you may end up buying are definitely unique compared to other people’s choices. After all, the circumstances where you plop yourself down and read may be completely different from the next guy. Or you may think of accessories as frivolous. Some basic Kindle accessories however are extremely helpful, there is nothing to lose for you to consider them.

1. Screen protector
This may sound like the most boring of Kindle accessories but keep in mind that once your Kindle screen is scratched, all is spoiled. This is something you pay $259 for, after all. A standard protective shield costing you about $24.99 can save you a lot of grief. Some people may voice concern regarding the change in display quality but it has been reported that most screen protectors in the market do not alter the screen display quality. When it comes to screen protectors, the biggest complaint is actually about the application. Kindle has a fragile look and people tend to be extra careful when doing anything with it, resulting usually in tentative application of protective shield which may cause some frustration.

2. Car charger
Kindle comes with a power adapter and a USB cable so you may charge the battery using your PC. What about running out of battery where there was no PC or electric socket and your car is the only source of power? Universal car chargers work with Kindle, provided you buy the appropriate tip. A good product with a lifetime guarantee, a reasonably quick charge, as well as protection from overcharging costs you as little as $19.95

3. Waterproof case
A waterproof case for your reader may be one of the Kindle accessories to consider, especially if you also bring your Kindle to the beach. Some concern you may have when purchasing a waterproof case is whether you can still operate the keyboard properly once your Kindle is secured in the case. The latest product which come with some innovative features, including an upright floating ability sets you back around $79.99.

4. Kindle stand
Some people read while cooking, some people read while they eat – or when their hands are otherwise occupied. Having a reader stand is handy when breakfast (or other meal time) is the only time you can spare for reading. Choices of stands vary widely. Some serve as a mere stand, some combine being a cover and a stand; some also provide scratch resistance. Average stand for Kindle costs $19.99.

Kindle accessories needs may differ widely from one person to another. Some people only but the bare necessities, some people like to see their gadget optimized by additional tools. In the case of Kindle, manufacturers are reaching out to the green community by producing solar recharger. If you consider saving the environment as highly important, this is the accessory you want to buy. Kindle accessories are available for optimum enjoyment of the readers; there is nothing to lose by taking a look and considering a purchase. An accessory like the waterproof case may well save your Kindle from early demise.