The Benefits Of Commuting To Work On A Motorcycle

Commuting to work, whether it’s on the bus or in a car, can be a lengthy task that pushes your patience to its limits. An alternative is taking your motorcycle to work, rather than leaving in the garage till the weekend when you want a relaxing ride. It leaves you refreshed and with plenty of time to spare to sneak in that extra cup of coffee before work. Driving a motorcycle to work is beneficial for many reasons, not just the body, as it:

-Gets you to work much faster,
-Saves you money as it consumes less fuel,
-Parking and traffic for the motorcyclist becomes less stressful,
-Helps you to do your bit for the environment as there are less harmful emissions,
-Enables you to feel energized, alert but relaxed before and after work;
-And motorcycle’s also cause less damage to the road and driveway!

Of course to feel the benefits of commuting to work via motorcycle, you’ll need to know how to drive safely within the city and be prepared to carry any equipment you need. When driving a motorcycle you need heavy duty personal protective gear to protect from serious injury in the case of crashes So before you even think of commuting, make sure you have all the necessary gear that fits to your country’s regulations.

When travelling in a city, you have to take certain precautions due to the large amount of traffic. First, plan your route and make sure it is the safest one for motorcycle travel. Make your decision by finding a route that mitigates the issues of traffic and makes you feel the most comfortable. Driving on a route that makes you stressed out is no good for the high concentration levels you need when on a motorcycle.

Be alert on the road. Always be aware of the drivers around you and think about what maneuvers they are likely to do. Keeping safe is often about predicting people’s actions, so be aware of angry drivers, as well as the reckless ones. These forms of drivers can usually be found in neglected looking cars or cars that are meant to be intimidating. It is recommended that you always look around 10-20 seconds ahead of your position to anticipate driver’s maneuvers in order to keep yourself safe on the road.

Secondly make sure drivers always can see you in the wing mirrors. Keep in the vicinity of the wing mirror’s view as much as possible, avoiding any possibility of a blind spot. Obviously, don’t go too close to the car as you need to leave enough space in case they make an error when driving. Keeping a fair distance behind them should make sure they see you, whilst leaving enough space for their mess ups. Commuting on a motorcycle can be beneficial to you if you keep safety in mind and take a relaxed approach to driving.