No Deposit Car Insurance!

We all know how expensive it can be when it comes time to renew our car insurance policies. In the UK the high cost of insuring your car means that as many as 1 in 10 drivers on the road are driving uninsured. Willing to take the risk of being caught rather than have to pay a premium that many people cannot afford.

Car insurance does not have to be an expense that you have to find all the money for all at once. Particularly if you are living on a tight budget or you are currently paying higher than average premiums because you are under 25 or because you are a new car driver.

A great for you to be able to afford and to budget for your car insurance costs is to take out a no deposit car insurance policy. This is a pay as you go type of insurance where you pay for your insurance premiums in equal monthly payments rather than having to pay all the money up front.

No deposit insurance where you can pay money is not something new in the UK. In fact many insurers have offered a facility for quite a while where you can choose to pay monthly rather than all up front. Usually though there is an additional cost for this type of service as the insurance company are providing you with a credit service. As they are offering credit it can mean that if you have a less than stellar credit rating they may not offer the service to you.

Many companies do require you to pay a larger than usual first month premium, this can be as much as 2 months worth of premiums in cost. You may also be expected to pay an admin fee due to the extra administration due to the management needed for the monthly payments. In addition you can also expect to be charged interest as the insurance company will often outsource the credit arrangement to a third party finance company who will charge interest for this facility.

A newer pay as you go scheme however does offer a true month by month car insurance facility. You pay a month at a time with no minimum or maximum amount of months that you are expected to remain using the policy. There is no deposit or additional charges on top of your premiums and you can cancel at any time. You can expect this new type of car insurance to become more popular as the cost if car insurance increases.