Hints and Tips on How to Install Made to Measure Wooden Blinds

When you are thinking about buying made to measure wood blinds there are several different things which you will need to take into consideration first. As well as deciding on what style of blinds you want you need to also think about how they are going to be mounted. Below we take a look at the things that will have to be considered when you are going to be installing made to measure wood blinds.

Firstly you need to decide on what kind of mounting you will be used for the blinds as there are two types to choose from. There is the mount that sits inside the window recess and there is the type that you fit outside it. For a more uniformed look and to hide all the hardware the mounting that fits inside the window recess is your best option. However, using this type of mounting could show any imperfections in the windows shape and this is why many people prefer to use the outside mounted blinds.

If you decide upon going for the second option of the outside mounted wood blind then you will have to make sure that you have enough hardware to install them with. Plus you must make sure that when measuring the windows you provide enough length to allow an overhang on each side of the window. However, if you go for made to measure wood blinds where they are mounted inside the window recess then you need to ensure that there is sufficient space for the hardware used to put them in place.

Once you have made the decision as to what type of window blind mounting you are going for you now need to measure the windows where they are to be installed. It is crucial that each window where wood blinds are to be fitted are measured separately and in a number of different parts. As well as measuring the length of each window on both sides you also need to measure the width across in several places.

The measurement that you will use when it comes to ordering made to measure wood blinds is the longest height and width as this will ensure that they fit correctly. Plus don’t forget if you are going to mount the blinds inside the window recess then you need to measure the width across the top from the window to the internal part of the wall. When it comes to getting made to measure window blinds that fit properly no deductions must be made from one measurement to another.

When it comes to measuring window blinds where the mounting is outside the window you don’t have to concern yourself with measuring the depth of the recess. However, you will need to include an additional few inches to the width measurement of the window to allow for an overhang. So if for example your windows measure 62 inches then add a further 3 inches on each side to allow for the hardware to be installed.

Also when it comes to made to measure wood blinds that are fitted on the outside of the window you have to make sure that you add an additional two inches on to the height measure for the hardware. So if your window measures 50 inches in height then you should purchase ones that measure 52 inches.

In this article we have shown you what you will need to do when you want to measure the windows in your home to purchase made to measure wood blinds that fit inside or outside the window recess. If you make sure that you get your measurements correct then installing the new blinds you have purchased should not be a problem.